Company Overview

Founded in 2014, Shenzhen TargetRx, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "TargetRx") is a Sino-US joint venture, high-tech pharmaceutical R&D company. Since its establishment, TargetRx has received investments from many well-known domestic investment institutions.

TargetRx focuses on the R&D of the new frontier in targeted cancer therapies, aiming at addressing urgent clinical needs through the emerging development of next-generation small-molecule targeted drugs against cancer. We conduct comprehensive drug design and screening research to evaluate and optimize the novel compounds with independent intellectual property rights. Accumulatively, more than 300 inventions have been patented in China, US, Europe, Japan, etc.

At present, TargetRx's two flagship products, the next-generation Bcr-Abl allosteric inhibitor TGRX-678 with a novel mechanism for the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), and the third-generation ALK inhibitor TGRX-326 for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) have both conducted the dosing of first subject in Phase I studies. At the same time, other research projects of TargetRx are also in progress.

TargetRx is committed to making tremendous progress in treating cancer - overcoming acquired resistance, such that cancer could be transformed from a rapidly and inevitably fatal disease into a condition that can be acceptably managed over time.

R&D Leader

Dr. Yihan Wang

Founder, Chairman and CEO of TargetRx

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry of New York University (USA), Dr. Yihan Wang, is a world-renowned "drug hunter", a returnee expert, and a high-level overseas talent in Shenzhen. Dr. Wang is the former Chief Scientist and Associate Director of Chemistry at Ariad Pharma (NASDAQ: ARIA, was the leading inventor of drugs such as IClusigTM (Ponatinib), AlunbrigTM (Brigatinib), RidaforolimusTM, etc.). He owns 77 core patents for innovative anti-cancer drugs and has published more than 60 papers in internationally renowned academic journals (such as Cancer Cell, etc.) and conferences. He is one of the co-founders of the Chinese American Biomedical Association (CABA), the Alliance of Chinese-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Associations (All-CABPA), and the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association–New England (SAPA-NE).

R&D Team

TargetRx brings together domestic and international experts in the pharmaceutical industry. Among the core team members, many PhD returnees graduated from well-known overseas universities with previous working experience in foreign listed pharmaceutical companies, or are core inventors of multiple international first-in-class therapies. The members are mainly doctors and masters from well-known domestic research institutes and universities, majored in computational chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biology, medicine, etc. In addition to professional knowledge in their respective disciplines, each team member has senior technical and business management experiences that assist in outlining the company's roadmap going forward.

The company pays notable attention to the construction of technology platforms and along with the joint efforts of R&D team members, state-of-the-art technology platforms have been constructed, which covers drug design, drug synthesis, drug analysis, and biological monitoring at an advanced level. In the future, we will continue to expect talents with novel and practical R&D insights to join us in seeking breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer. We welcome aspiring professionals to join us and hope that we will work together in the patient-centric cancer journey.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Yihan Wang

    Chairman, President
  • Quanfeng Luo

    Vice Chairman
  • Guanping Feng

  • Dr. Hongwei Wang

  • Lun Wang


Dr. Wang is the former Chief Scientist and Associate Director of Chemistry at Ariad Pharma (NASDAQ: ARIA, and the core inventor of international first-in-class drugs IClusigTM (Ponatinib), AlunbrigTM (Brigatinib), RidaforolimusTM, etc.

Co-founder, life member and director of CABA, SAPA-NE and All-CABPA. Reviewer of Combinatorial Chemistry of American Chemical Society, and editorial board member of Chemical Biology & Drug Design.

President of Magtein, Wuxi, Wuxi Brain Magnesium Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., and a partner of the Shenzhen Lihe Angel Investment Fund Ltd, and Chairman of Shenzhen Tianma Yingfeng Investment Co., Ltd.

Founder of the Graphene Industry in China, and a capitalist in the Graphene Field.

He is also the founder of Lihe Group, one of the top ten people in China's venture capital industry, an Angel investor, and former president of the Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute. Currently, Professor Feng is the senior science and technology consultant in Shenzhen and the chief mentor of Shenzhen's innovation enterprises.

Mr.Feng has established more than 100 enterprises and incubated more than 1000 enterprises, including over 20 listed companies. During the incubation period, his enterprises sales increased 7.8 times, the profit rose 8.1 times, and the growth rate was 6 times higher than that of similar companies on average.

He formerly served as the director of Shenzhen Nanshan District Science & Technology Innovation Center, the director of Nanshan District Dashahe Innovation Corridor Construction Office, and the executive director of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association. He has 16 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship services and venture capital management.

He has presided over the incubation of more than 3,000 sci-tech companies, led the investment in 32 innovation and entrepreneurship projects, and provided more than 6 billion yuan of preferential loan support for more than 800 sci-tech companies. He led the construction of 16 incubation industrial parks, the Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star contest, which was directly established by him, attracted about 11,000 projects (including 1,200 overseas projects), and established a number of star enterprises, such as Da-Jiang Innovations, MOSO Power (Stock Code: 002660), Kingsignal (Stock Code: 300252), and Fapon Biotech.

President of Jianxing Medical Fund managed by CCB International.

With rich experience in equity investment and fund management, he is responsible for the management of the first phase of CCB International Medical Fund (2.6 billion RMB), and at the same time, he has led the entire process of the Beijing Jianxing Medical and Health Industry Equity Investment Fund (1.2 billion RMB) cooperated by CCB International and Daxing District Government, including plan design, fundraising, fund establishment, product filing, investment management, etc.

  • Wei Ying

  • Zhiping Peng

  • Yi Song

  • Hongliang Zhu

  • Shibing Chen


Managing Director and Operating Partner of Wealth Management of CDH Investments, and Managing Partner of CDH Dinghui Baifu.

The former president and executive director of China Botanic Development Holdings Limited; the former Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of China Resources Textile Co., Ltd. (from 1989 to 2007).

Formerly president of Terminal and Optical Network Product Line, Supply Chain Management Department, and Procurement Management Department, as well as the Chief Supply Officer at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Currently the Chairman and General Manager of Shenzhen Leefoo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

President of Shenzhen Acacia Investment Co., Ltd. and the Supervisory Director of Shenzhen LEEGSTAR Co., Ltd.

Chairman of Shenzhen Ready Technology Co., Ltd., and the Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Acacia Investment Co., Ltd.

Chairman of Shenzhen Luoguang Technology Co., Ltd., Executive Partner of Shenzhen Xiechuang Shared Investment Management Enterprise (Limited Partnership).