TargetRx was awarded the "2021 China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical R&D Strength Series"

2021-09-26 Views:

"2021 China's Top 100 Pharmaceutical R&D Strength Series" is evaluated by the, the committee of China Pharmaceutical R&D-Summit Organizing Committee and China Pharmaceutical, referring to the R&D-related data such as drug IND acceptance and approval status in 2020, R&D investment funds, completion of drug clinical trials and patent layout." It represents the highest level of comprehensive R&D strength of Chinese pharmaceutical companies."

On September.18th, Shenzhen TargetRx, Inc announced that it was awarded "2021 China Top 100 Comprehensive Strength in Pharmaceutical R&D" and "2021 China Top 100 Strength in Chemical R&D".

TargetRx won the "2021 China Top 100 Comprehensive Strength in Pharmaceutical R&D" (first from right)

TargetRx won the "2021 China Top 100 Strength in Chemical R&D" (second from right)

As an infant industry, the ecosystem of pharmaceutical innovation is undertaking reform, guided by clinical value and patient needs. TargetRx is fortunate to be in the midst of a wave of technological innovation in pharmaceutical R&D. Over the past seven years, TargetRx focused on developing global leading targeted anti-tumor drugs. We challenge the most cutting-edge international technologies, and make our products highly internationally competitive.

In 2020, two clinical applications for TargetRx were accepted and approved by the CDE: 1) TGRX-678, a novel mechanism of Bcr-Abl Allosteric kinase inhibitor for the treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), and 2) TGRX-326, the latest generation of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (TKI) targeting ALK gene mutations in non-small cell lung cancer. These two drugs have finished the First-in-Human (FIH) research in April this year, and the Phase I clinical trial is now well underway. The company has sustainable innovation capabilities, with several pipelines in preclinical development, and expects to submit IND applications for two more other products in 2022.

TargetRx has a perfect layout of intellectual property rights. Since its establishment, it has filed more than 200 invention patents, 78 of which have been granted, including China, the United States, Europe and Japan.

In the future, TargetRx aims to stand at the forefront of drug innovation, actively respond to the call of building a "healthy China", focus on the unmet clinical needs, and work hard to improve China's new drug development technology.